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13th December am


The parallel count of the results from the Mozambican general elections that AIM is attempting to maintain now covers about a third of all the polling stations.

But the only results AIM obtained over the weekend came from Frelimo strongholds, with the declaration of the full results from Maputo City, and from one more district (Marracuene) in Maputo province.

This ensures that the AIM count shows the incumbent president, Joaquim Chissano, and the ruling Frelimo Party pulling even further ahead of Renamo, and its leader and presidential candidate, Afonso Dhlakama.

But there are still very few results available from the Renamo strongholds, particularly in Zambezia and Sofala provinces, and these are certain to change the picture very substantially.

As of 11.00 on Monday morning, information had reached AIM from 2,834 polling stations giving preliminary results. These results are as follows:

Presidential election

Joaquim Chissano 1,112,693
Afonso Dhlakama 613,530

Parliamentary election

Frelimo 1,003,183
Renamo 495,070

Of these polling stations, 504 are in Maputo City, 110 in Maputo Province, 367 in Gaza, 123 in Inhambane, 100 in Sofala, 278 in Manica, 194 in Tete, 87 in Zambezia, 665 in Nampula, 334 in Cabo Delgado, and 72 in Niassa.

Dhlakama and Renamo remain ahead in Sofala, Zambezia, Manica, and Nampula. The two opposing forces are running more or less neck and neck in Tete and Niassa, while Chissano and Frelimo lead in the remaining five provinces (Maputo City, Maputo Province, Gaza, Inhambane, and Cabo Delgado).

All these numbers are preliminary and subject to confirmation by the National elections Commission (CNE).

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