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Election Special, 3rd December 2004

Election results at midnight

Maputo, 2 Dec (AIM) - Initial results reaching AIM from the presidential and parliamentary elections held on Wednesday and Thursday indicate a healthy lead for the ruling Frelimo Party and its presidential candidate, Armando Guebuza.

However, it should be added that most of these results come from polling stations in Maputo city and province, which are Frelimo strongholds. So far very few results are available from the heartlands of the main opposition party, Renamo, in the central provinces.

From 90 polling stations (30 in Maputo City, 30 in Maputo province, six in Zambezia, nine in Nampula, seven in Inhambane, five in Niassa, and three in Manica), the presidential results are as follows:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo) 18,778
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo) 4,369
Raul Domingos (PDD) 647

Raul Domingos, the former number two in Renamo, who was expelled from the party in 2000, is doing much worse than expected. His new party, the Party for Peace, Democracy and Development (PDD), no longer looks a serious threat to either Renamo or Frelimo.

Two other presidential candidates, Yakub Sibindy (of the Islamic Independent Party of Mozambique, PIMO) and Carlos Reis (of the Movement for Change and Good Governance, MBG) received few votes - in some polling stations these candidates received no votes at all.

Since the parliamentary votes are counted later than the presidential ones, by midnight, AIM only had results for the political parties from 35 polling stations. These results were:

Frelimo 5,867
Renamo 1,410
PDD 164

The other 20 or so parties and coalitions standing merely scattered the opposition vote. Very few of them climbed into double figures in any given polling station.

The figures from these polling stations have been collecting by AIM and Radio Mozambique journalists. They are unofficial and have not yet been confirmed by the National Elections Commission.


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