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Frelimo builds up huge lead


Maputo, 29 Oct (AIM) - As more results from Wednesday's general election reach Maputo, it is becoming ever clearer that the ruing Frelimo party has won a stunning victory.

By AIM's calculations, the results available so far indicate that the incumbent president, and candidate of the ruling Frelimo party, Armando Guebuza, has won over 70 per cent of the vote.

In the parliamentary election, Frelimo's margin of victory is just as large. Thus Frelimo will almost certainly win over two thirds of the seats in the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, which will allow it to change the Constitution on its own, should it so wish.

However, three weeks before the election, Guebuza told reporters that the suspicions that he wanted to change the Constitution so that he could run for a third term of office were groundless. He saw no reason to change the Constitution and did not want a third term.

The election results are known largely because of the work of Radio Mozambique, which has been tirelessly relaying the figures from the polling station results sheets gathered by its network of journalists scattered across the country.

Here are some of the latest results as announced by the radio.

From 96 polling stations in Ribaue district, in the northern province of Nampula:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 19,513
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 2,231
Daviz Simango (MDM): 1,249

From 18 polling stations in Mecuburi, also in Nampula:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 2,759
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 1,098
Daviz Simango (MDM): 280

From ten polling stations in Mabote district, in the interior of the southern province of Inhambane, and regarded as a Frelimo stronghold:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 4,092
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 27
Daviz Simango (MDM): 105

From 18 polling stations in Inhassoro district, also in Inhambane:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 6,002
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 110
Daviz Simango (MDM): 357

From nine polling stations in Sussundenga district, in the central province of Manica:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 6,347
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 314
Daviz Simango (MDM): 119

From 20 polling stations in Lichinga, capital of the northernmost province of Niassa:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 9,315
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 711
Daviz Simango (MDM): 808

From six polling stations in Nipepe, a rural district in Niassa:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 1,215
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 45
Daviz Simango (MDM): 27

From nine polling stations in Ngauma, also in Niassa:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 4,313
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 235
Daviz Simango (MDM): 311

From 22 polling stations in Chiure district, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 4,802
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 831
Daviz Simango (MDM): 560

From 15 polling stations in Ancuabe district, also in Cabo Delgado:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 2,938
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 290
Daviz Simango (MDM): 205

From 40 polling stations in Manhica district, in Maputo province:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 24,753
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 556
Daviz Simango (MDM): 1,193

From 19 polling stations in Tambara district, Manica province:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 6,382
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 717
Daviz Simango (MDM): 95

From ten polling stations in Chemba district, in Sofala province, on the south bank of the Zambezi:

Armando Guebuza (Frelimo): 2,565
Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo): 730
Daviz Simango (MDM): 176

In the parliamentary elections, the results are similar, with Frelimo beating Renamo by a very large margin.

All these results are unofficial, and require confirmation by the National Elections Commission (CNE)



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