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Frelimo appeals for calm


Maputo, 1 Sept (AIM) – The ruling Frelimo party on Wednesday launched an appeal for people to remain calm, after a serious outbreak of violence left at least three people dead and dozens injured. Rioting broke out in protest at the recent price rises of water, energy, bread and other consumer goods.

Speaking to the press, Frelimo Central Committee Secretary for Mobilisation and Propaganda Edson Macuacua hit out against the violence that has taken place in most suburbs in the cities of Maputo and Matola.

“To protest is a constitutional right that the State confers on its citizens and the State guarantees to defend protestors. However, the protests stop being legal when they are characterised by destruction, assaults, aggression and robbery”, said Macuacua.

He warned that the unrest was a backward step for the country, hitting development and harming its citizens.

Macuacua pointed out that, across the world, prices are increasing for oil, wheat and consumer goods not made in Mozambique. However, he stated that Frelimo argues that “the solution to the high cost of living will not be found in violence, because it only generates more violence and vandalism only causes enormous human suffering and material damage”.

Frelimo, according to Macuacua, closely watches international markets and will take pertinent measures to deal with rising oil and wheat prices.


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