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Matola: demonstration leaves trail of vandalism and destruction

Maputo, 1 Sept (AIM) – The city of Matola on Wednesday was hit by destruction and vandalism following mass demonstrations in protest at the high cost of living.

The main road, the EN4 that links South Africa with the port of Maputo, was blocked in several sections in Matola with tree trunks, rocks, tyres and other materials.

A warehouse near Shoprite selling furniture and motorbikes was looted.

In the zone of Tsalala, close to the transport terminal at Malhampswene, the business Tricano was also vandalised.

Indeed, right along the road from the neighbourhood of Malhampswene to Casa Branca, the surface of the street in some sections was seriously damaged by burning tyres. Even bus stops built to shelter passengers from the rain were vandalised.

Demonstrators burnt tyres next to the station for the distribution of natural gas in Malhampswene, causing a highly dangerous situation.

Some vendors stayed away from the Malhampswene informal market. A mini-market was looted by a group of mainly young individuals who broke down the doors in an act of opportunism. However, bystanders and vendors stepped in to persuade the looters to abandon their actions.

Meanwhile, dozens of South African cars were trapped at the service station at the beginning of Matola.

Some long-haul truck drivers from South Africa had to abandon their vehicles in the neighbourhood of Tchumene, to the west of Matola, due to the blockade of the EN4.

The worst affected points along the route were the transport terminal at Malhampswene, at the road crossing at the Mozal plant in Matola B, and the junction next to the Shoprite shopping centre.


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