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Police confirm four deaths in Maputo riots

Maputo, 1 Sept (AIM) – The Mozambican police have confirmed that four people died and 27 were wounded during rioting that took place in Maputo and Matola on Wednesday. Police made 142 arrests, according to preliminary figures given out during the afternoon by police spokesperson Pedro Cossa.

These preliminary figures are likely to rise. AIM has credible sources who say that at least ten people died and dozens were injured.

Cossa lamented the deaths during the disturbances, which he stated happened in unclear circumstances. However, he pointed out that the police did use tear gas and rubber bullets to contain the riots.

Cossa gave a list of some of the damage caused during the riots: three buses owned by Transportes Publicos de Maputo (TPM) were partially burnt; 32 shops were vandalised; more than five cars were burnt or vandalised; a gas station was set on fire; four electricity poles were felled along the EN4 road that links South Africa with the port of Maputo; and three wagons carrying maize were looted near Matola train station.

Cossa urged everyone to stay calm, avoid incitement to violence, respect the property of others and maintain public order and public safety.

“The police are going to continue to patrol all the roads in the capital and all the roads in the city of Matola. In fact, the police are also patrolling all the territory of the Republic of Mozambique”, asserted Cossa.

Asked about the security situation for Thursday, Cossa limited himself to saying that the work of police will continue. “If people behave as they did today, it is evident that the police will not stay in their stations. The police will go on the streets to establish public order and public security”.


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