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Unrest worsens living conditions: President Guebuza

Maputo, 2 Sept (AIM) – Mozambican President Armando Guebuza on Wednesday evening warned citizens that the riots that took place in Maputo and Matola only brought pain and grief, and would lead to the deterioration of living conditions.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the residents of Maputo and Matola were shaken by a wave of protests taken against the rising cost of living.

In an address to the nation, the Mozambican statesman deplored the fact that instead of a peaceful and orderly demonstration, the protests resulted in deaths and serious injuries, and scenes of vandalism, destruction and looting.

According to the President, looting a stall, shop or warehouse, or vandalising a car or a house, may seem like a setback for the owner. However, he pointed out, “in the middle of heightened emotion we forget that it also represents a backwards step for those who depend on the attacked property for supplies, for transport or employment. It even affects some individuals involved in these acts”.

The President continued, “destroying markets, streets and other social and economic infrastructure is exactly the opposite of what we have been doing to help combat poverty in our beloved Motherland”.

President Guebuza asserted that the Government is aware of the life led by the Mozambican population, “which is aggravated by external factors, such as the financial crisis and the rising price of food and fuel”.

To counter the impact of these crises on the life of citizens, the Government has adopted a series of measures such as the subsidies on fuel and the importation of wheat, explained the President.

Furthermore, the implementation of the Plan of Action for Food Production (PAPA) has a big emphasis on the struggle against poverty in urban areas and the countryside.

According to President Guebuza, there is progress in the implementation of PAPA, as well as improvements in water supply and sanitation, transport and communications, and health and education.

The President stressed that the Government continues to engage in the struggle against poverty through its Five Year Programme.

President Guebuza emphasised the importance of observing the law, public order and tranquillity, which is fundamental to attracting national and foreign investment that contributes to the generation of more employment.

Therefore, the President called on Mozambicans to maintain calm and not engage in any type of agitation. He further exhorted citizens to dissuade the naïve, maintain vigilance and denounce to the authorities the agitators.

President Guebuza also urged people to increase productivity to fight poverty both individually and collectively.

The leader of the Government extended his condolences to the bereaved families, and extended his sympathy to all those who were affected by the day’s events.

President Guebuza ended by saying that “the Government will continue to work to return life to normal for our fellow citizens and our institutions”.


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