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Mayor of Matola appeals for calm

Matola, 2 Sept (AIM) – The Mayor of Matola, Arao Nhancale, appealed to residents to avoid joining any protests that put at risk public order.

Speaking on Thursday morning on Radio Mozambique, Nhancale urged the drivers of privately owned minibus taxis (known colloquially as “chapas”) to resume work as quickly as possible to allow the lives of residents to return to normal.

“Life has to return to normal. People should assume that they are also part of the solution to the difficulties facing the country”, said Nhancale, appealing for calm from citizens.

The appeal was made at a time when the situation in Matola was relatively calm, in comparison with Wednesday when the cities of Maputo and Matola were completely paralysed.

During the beginning of Thursday, the situation was somewhat normal. However, at about 10 o’clock in the morning riots returned to Matola, focussing on the national highway, the EN4. Protestors, who were mainly young people and children, burned tyres, tree trunks and other objects.


Another protest death reported

Maputo, 2 Sept (AIM) – Another person died today after being shot by a police officer dispersing rioters in the neighbourhood of Luis Cabral, on the outskirts of Maputo. The victim, according to the private television channel STV, was a young resident of the neighbourhood.

It is not yet known if the victim was taking part in the protests.

This is the seventh confirmed death since rioting began on Wednesday morning in Maputo and Matola. The other six deaths were confirmed by Health Minister Ivo Garrido, who stated that over a hundred people have been injured – some seriously. Sixty eight people were admitted to Maputo Central Hospital and 20 to other health units.

Minister Garrido spoke after an emergency sitting of the Council of Ministers.

The protests against the rising cost of living have in some cases degenerated into violence, with shops looted and property burnt.



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